JD Laughing


            Hello, I’m JD! I have cooked in restaurants and I have gone to war. I cooked in restaurants for more than three years. I served in the Army for almost eight years. I was deployed to Kosovo and Iraq. I have a bachelor’s degree in history and have worked in a museum for the last seven years. I love to eat; therefore, I love to cook. I love good food and good people. I want to bring people together around good food. I am hoping to make your life a little better for having been here. I want to inspire you to actually cook, try something new, cook for people you care about or want to care about. Most of all have fun cooking. Life is too short not to have some fun.

Why The Fancy Savage? Well, I have a unique perspective on life and food. When I left the Army, I was thoroughly savage and did not see the importance or frankly the need to be fancy. It took me a while to learn about the fancy side of life, but with the help of many good people and lots of good food I have realized that life is about being both savage and fancy. The key is to know when you should be fancy and when you should be savage, it’s a spectrum rather than either or.

There are times to be fancy and times to be savage. Great BBQ eaten with your hands around a roaring fire with good beer and good friends or soon to be friends is an appropriate time to let the savage out. Just like a fine dining establishment with white tablecloths should bring out the fanciest side of you. My goal is to help show you the spectrum between utterly savage and exquisitely fancy so you can decide where to fall down on the spectrum and when.

We are going on journey and while I don’t know where it will end, I know there will be a lot of good food along the way. So, keep an open mind always assume the best of people and be ready to try something new. Welcome to The Fancy Savage.